Get ServiceAccount Name with ADSI

One drawback to the service objects returned from Get-Service is that you can't see what account the service is running under, often referred to as the service account. This will be something like LocalService or perhaps even a special user account like Mydomain\svcAccount123. You can retrieve this information by querying Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and the Win32_Service class. But did you know you can also use ADSI?
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More fun with services, PowerShell and ADSI

The other day I showed you how to use ADSI and PowerShell to manage services on remote computers. Since the ADSI type adapter is admittedly "kludgy" at times, I put together a script that you could use like a cmdlet to retrieve service information via ADSI.
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Managing Services with PowerShell and ADSI

In PowerShell v1.0, if you want to manage services on a remote computer, you likely used WMI and the Get-WMIObject cmdlet. But there is another solution using ADSI. If you use the WinNT provider, you can access all of the services on a remote machine in much the same way you would manage local users and groups. Let me show you.
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