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ScriptMerge 2014 updated

Thursday, September 18th, 2014 by Alex Riedel
ScriptMerge 2014 has been updated with the recent service releases of PrimalScript 2014, PowerShell Studio 2014 and VersionRecall 2014. Comparing the same files over and over again? You can use the new file groups function to open these compares quickly. Simply create a text file with your file pairs listed line by line: File1|File2 separated by the pipe symbol (|). Example: C:\Users\Alex\Documents\SAPIEN\Scripts\Hello World.ps1|C:\Users\Alex\Documents\Scripts\Hello World.ps1 Save the file as <yourname>.smgrp  (smgrp stands for ScriptMerge Group). All you have to do now is to double click on that file and ScriptMerge will open the contained pairs. You can also use the backstage…   More »

VersionRecall 2014 released.

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 by Alex Riedel
We are proud to announce that VersionRecall 2014 has been released and is now available for download from our web site at If you have been evaluating the community preview version, please make sure to read all the way down so you catch the new features that have been added. If you have not seen our extended community preview, please make sure to download the trial and and find out how easy version control can be. VersionRecall 2014 is the first version control software that understands scripting in general and PowerShell in particular. Here are just some of the…   More »

Introducing SAPIEN’s VersionRecall 2014

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 by Alex Riedel
Version control is a necessity for most, if not all, software development teams. When you work with a large number of individuals plugging away at the same code you just need some mechanism to channel access and preserve previous known-good states. Version control systems have evolved from simple check-in/check-out systems like Microsoft’s Delta and later SourceSafe to cloud-based peer to peer systems like Subversion and Mercurial, just to name a few. They all share mechanisms intended for a team of people working on code. So quite naturally it contains lots of features and elements that are not necessary for…   More »