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Are you SAPIEN MVP material? Apply here!

Monday, October 10th, 2016 by June Blender
SAPIEN Technologies has a great MVP award program that provides SAPIEN MVPs with complimentary full copies of all SAPIEN software, including all updates, and copies of all books published during the award year. In return, SAPIEN MVPs demonstrate a continuing contribution to SAPIEN products through blog posts, forum participation, videos, product reviews, constructive feedback, and using SAPIEN products in classes and presentations. We're so proud of our 2016 SAPIEN MVPs. They're really amazing contributors, both to SAPIEN and to the PowerShell community. Our SAPIEN MVP 2017 program is now open. If you would like to apply (and I encourage you…   More »

Congratulations to SAPIEN MVPs 2016

Thursday, February 4th, 2016 by June Blender
Many people think of Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) as being technical stars in their disciplines. And, that's true. But, at SAPIEN Technologies, Inc., our MVPs are really an extension of our technical team. We rely on them for early and actionable feedback on products, for technical assistance, and for helping us to demonstrate how to use our products in creative and effective ways. Please welcome and congratulate the SAPIEN MVPs 2016. We recommend that you follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their excellent blogs. Mike F. Robbins (@mikefrobbins), a renewed SAPIEN MVP, is a Windows PowerShell MVP, a Windows…   More »

SAPIEN Tour: SQL Saturday #40 Impressions

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 by David Corrales
SQL Saturday #40 came and went and I must say I had a great time. Friday evening I attended the Speaker Dinner where I had the opportunity to meet with Max Trinidad, one of our SAPIEN MVPs, who helped organize the SQL Saturday PowerShell track. Max is an energetic, friendly, overall great guy. He also happens to currently be the only PowerShell MVP in South Florida. I also had the opportunity to meet with the other SQL Saturday speakers, including some of the organizers. Speaker Dinner: Joe Healy from Microsoft (left), David Corrales (middle), Max Trinidad (right) The following day…   More »