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But it works on my machine…

Thursday, May 16th, 2013 by Alex Riedel
We have all heard that phrase. We have all faced that scenario. A script runs perfectly fine on your machine or any VM you have, but just refuses to do anything useful on that one server where it really matters. Error messages can be notoriously unhelpful. “Access denied”, yes, but to WHAT and WHY? And everyone’s favorite “Unknown error” makes for a very frustrating day at the office. If you have physical or remote desktop access to that server it’s pretty easy, just use whatever debugger you have, install it on that machine and see what happens. Or, in case…   More »

Developing PowerShell scripts for other machines (Part 2)

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 by Alex Riedel
Yesterday we showed you how to export the cache information on a remote machine. Today we go through the steps to actually use that information. Remember that we exported the cache file on that Windows 2008R2 machine as “WIN2008R2TESTVM.CacheExport”. Let’s assume we put that file on the desktop of your local machine. Now fire up PrimalScript 2012 and select “Import Remote Cache” from the Platform group on the Home tab: Select the cache export file on your desktop. Select the appropriate choices for your remote connections. Depending on your selection some of the following options may not be available to…   More »

RSEE and security

Thursday, November 11th, 2010 by Alex Riedel
We have received a couple requests in the last few days to explain the security implications of using our Remote Script Execution Engine (RSEE). The RSEE service must be installed on a target machine and uses a configurable tcp/ip port to listen for incoming script execution requests from a PrimalScript instance. Another port is used to transport the output back to the requester. All traffic to and from RSEE is encrypted. This is no high level of encryption, it uses a very simple and fast algorithm that is sufficient in most cases. RSEE has no built-in authentication, as the assumption…   More »

RSEE now supports PowerShell

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 by Alex Riedel
With this month's service release for PrimalScript 2009 (build 631) we included an updated version of the RSEE (Remote Script Execution Engine) service. The new version is now available in 32 and 64 bit and can execute PowerShell scripts remotely. It is important to note that you cannot mix the new PrimalScript build with older RSEE service versions. The new version of the service is, however, backwards compatible with prior versions of PrimalScript. Please note that older versions of PrimalScript cannot remotely execute PowerShell even with the new service. Why are we using this service rather than supporting PowerShell remoting?…   More »