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PowerShell Studio 2012 Reaches The Czech Republic!

Monday, December 16th, 2013 by Robert Morey
Truth be told, our products have been used by many users in the Czech Republic for several years now but we certainly appreciate learning that more and more IT professionals are discovering our products there.  Petr Vanicek, a network administrator and blogger in the Czech Republic, posted a nice blog article on PowerShell Studio 2012.  You can read the English or Czech versions for more details.  Don't forget to look at the Downloads section on our website for many free tools and documentation!  …   More »

PowerShell Studio 2012 Product Review

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 by David Corrales
We would like to thank “New SQL Blog” for recently posting a review of PowerShell Studio 2012. “If you spend a lot of time writing PowerShell code there’s just no better ISE out there.” Read the full review:…   More »

PowerShell SuperHero Confesses All

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 by Robert Morey
It’s always great to receive feedback from our users and fans but it’s particularly nice when they blog about our software or even about our line of clothing! Mike Robbins wrote a great review about PowerShell Studio 2012 (link here) and we encourage you to read it. He also has a couple pictures of himself wearing our new “SuperHero” T-shirt and he looks every bit the superhero. Why don’t you download a fully-functioning, 45-day trial of PowerShell Studio 2012 from our website and give it a spin? Perhaps, then, you will also feel like a superhero!…   More »

PowerShell Studio 2012 Review and Bruce Almighty?

Thursday, January 31st, 2013 by David Corrales
Another product review of PowerShell Studio 2012 was brought to my attention. This one comes with an interesting title: Sapien’s PowerShell Studio 2012 –The “Bruce Almighty” of all the PowerShell ISEs !! I would like to thank Manoj Nair  for writing a glowing (heavenly maybe?) review of PowerShell Studio 2012. At the end of the article he mentions he will be writing more about WinForms and PowerShell. I look forward to reading more of Manoj Nair’s articles on the subject.…   More »

User Blog Article on PowerShell Studio 2012

Monday, October 29th, 2012 by David Corrales
I found this great article on PowerShell Studio 2012, written by one of our users on the Technically Speaking blog:   Getting Started with PowerShell Studio 2012   Thank you for the great article Derek!…   More »

PowerShell Studio 2012 Review

Monday, June 25th, 2012 by David Corrales
I stumbled upon the following review of PowerShell Studio 2012 and I thought I share it with our readers. The review was written by Robert C. Cain who according to his bio is a Microsoft MVP for SQL and has been in the IT business for over 20 years. Arcane Code Review of PowerShell Studio  2012:   SAPIEN is always happy to hear from its users. Be sure to provide us feedback on our products!…   More »

PrimalScript 2011 User Review: Jay Adams from Noxigen

Thursday, May 5th, 2011 by SAPIEN Technologies
Over the past 10+ years in IT, I've enjoyed the challenges of automating every task imaginable while working at various companies. For most of my career it's been in a 200,000+ user enterprise environment managing over 5000 servers. PrimalScript has been one my most valued assets most of the way. I've taken a look at various editors annually and I can never find anything that even comes close to the functionality in PrimalScript. It would be easier to list the popular languages that it doesn't support. With PrimalSense, syntax highlighting, templates, source control, workspaces and a multitude of other configurable…   More »