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Your Account Page Revamped

Friday, February 7th, 2014 by June Alane Reif
If you have logged into your account recently, you may have noticed some changes to both the layout and the functionality. In an effort to make things simpler, we have condensed several pages into one. Registered Software, eBooks, Videos, and Subscriptions are now listed out on a single page. You no longer need to click a separate button to register a new key or generate a virtual machine trial key—both are now found in the blue Account Tools box located in the upper right of the Registered Products page. We’ve also included some handy links to other useful resources—product support…   More »

Uncle SAPIEN Wants You!

Monday, January 28th, 2013 by Robert Morey
To register your license key, that is. Did you purchase a license for our software, perhaps years and years ago, and never register it in your MySAPIEN account? You should, and there are some very valid and important reasons for doing so. If you don’t register your license, we probably do not know how to reach you. On occasion, we make application-specific announcements and offer deals on upgrades that only go to those whose products are registered. Also, when you log into your MySAPIEN account, you can see what the most recent version of the application is as well…   More »