VBScript Complex Regex Replace

A few days ago I posted a blog entry on simple regular expression replacements in VBScript. Let me show you a more complex example. It helps to have a purpose, even for demonstration so my need is to convert an html table to CSV output using regular expressions.
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VBScript Simple Regex Replace

Last week I talked about using Regular Expressions in VBScript. In that post I focused on simple matching. However, you can also do string replacements using the regular expression object's Replace() method. You specify a string to replace and its replacement text. I always test the expression to make sure the string exists before doing anything. Here's a function I use for this task.
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VBScript Regular Expressions

I seem to find my self turning to regular expressions more often these days, often to help out a fellow scripter in one of the many scripting forums I keep tabs on. I thought I'd take a moment and provide a brief explanation on how to use regular expressions in VBScript. First off, for those who don't know, a regular expression is a way of identifying or matching a string against a pattern. For example we all know that looks like an IP address because of its pattern. The string roygbiv@rainbow.net looks like an email address, again based on the pattern. A regular expression can be used identify strings based on a pattern.
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Parse HOSTS file with PowerShell

In a recent discussion in the PowerShell forum at ScriptingAnswers.com, a member was trying to parse the HOSTS file on a number of desktops. This is a thankless but probably useful task that seems perfectly suited to a scripted solution. What we came up with was a way to turn entries in the HOSTS file to objects in PowerShell. Once we have an object then we can do all sorts of fun things with it. Here is an enhanced version of the original solution.
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