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New PowerShell Reference Tool

Thursday, February 25th, 2016 by June Alane Reif
SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. is pleased to introduce our new online Windows PowerShell Reference tool, which is based on the reference section of iPowerShell Pro. To find it, on the SAPIEN web page, click Support and then click PowerShell Reference. Or, go directly to PowerShell Reference contains help for Windows PowerShell and PowerShell modules. This tool allows you to search through Cmdlet Help, About Help and Provider Help with just a click of your mouse. After you've chosen a help category, start typing in the search box. The menu will filters as you type. When you choose an item from…   More »

Reference Highlighting in PowerShell Studio 2012

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 by David Corrales
PrimalScript 2012 isn’t the only product to get Reference Highlighting! As per user requests, PowerShell Studio 2012 also allows you to highlight references in your code simply by double clicking on a variable, identifier, member, function or any other object.   You can also use the Ctrl + W(ord) keyboard shortcut to access select the current word and to highlight the references. The new reference highlighting feature makes it easier to find variables and other objects in your script.   This article applies to PowerShell Studio v3.1.14 or later. Related Article:…   More »

Reference highlighting in PrimalScript 2012

Monday, December 10th, 2012 by Alex Riedel
You have asked for it, here it is. With this new service build of PrimalScript 2012 (6.5.136) you get reference highlighting. For those of you not familiar with this functionality, read on. Basically if you double click on an identifier, be it a function, variable, member etc. that identifier gets selected. Nothing exciting about that. You can also press Ctrl + W(ord) to select the current word if you are more the keyboard type of person. What’s new is that every instance of that same word is now highlighted throughout your code. That makes it really easy to see where…   More »

WinForms Interactive Reference Guide for PowerShell

Thursday, September 6th, 2012 by David Corrales
Not long ago we released the WinForms Control Reference for PowerShell. We have taken the Reference a step further by creating an interactive version! The Interactive Reference allows you to display help information by clicking on a control in the Toolbox: For those of you who like reading on paper, you have the option to print the reference page: Easy access to the Spotlight on Control Blog Articles using Help Menu:   How do I download the WinForms Interactive Reference? The WinForms Interactive Reference is available only to registered users. To download,  log onto your MySAPIEN account and click on…   More »