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PowerShell Studio 2014: Collection Project

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 by David Corrales
In PowerShell Studio 2014, we introduced a new Collection Project. The Collection Project allows you to keep track of a group of files, which typically consists of (but not limited) to ps1 script files. For example, you may have various ps1 scripts that dot source each other. Now you can create a Collection Project and enjoy the benefits being able to manage multiple files, PrimalSense support for dot source files and apply rename refactoring on all your files. When you first create a Collection Project, you will notice there is no Startup.pss file. There is no entry point in the…   More »

PowerShell Studio – Passing and Returning Values using Forms

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 by David Corrales
Two frequent questions we get on the forums are: How do I pass a value to another form? How do I get the results from a form? In this article, we will answer these common questions in order to give you a better understanding about how to use projects with multiple forms.   Getting Started You will need to create a project with multiple forms in order to proceed. The Multi-Form Project template is a good starting point. At the end of this article there is a link to download a sample project that demonstrates how to use these techniques.…   More »

LOST! The forgotten features

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 by Alex Riedel
A week ago I was hanging out with PowerShell trainer extraordinaire Jason Helmick and while we where geeking out over PowerShell tricks and software features (yes, I know, bad, isn’t it?) I asked him how he would improve file groups. (…) (crickets) (…) File groups? So I demonstrated. I learned some time ago that most admins don’t like to use projects. Which isn’t really a surprise as most scripts used to be a single file affair. So anything that deals with projects was considered a “developer” feature.But there was the occasional script that used multiple files or some txt, inf…   More »