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Where can I find support files?

Every now and then we need to provide our customers with files that fix a problem. For our software products we usually do that with our monthly service builds. Most of our training products come on discs though, so there…
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SAPIEN Newsletter

In order to help de-clutter your inbox, SAPIEN will be changing the frequency of its newsletter to a quarterly delivery. To keep you informed of our monthly specials, news, and announcements, we will be publishing that content on our blog.…
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ATTENTION User Groups!

We are currently booking our SAPIEN Tour. Dr. Rios will be on the East coast March 15-21, 2010. Do you have a user group you would like him to visit? Let us know by February 12, 2010 and we will…
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User Groups

Our first attempt at a SAPIEN tour was a great success! Do you have a user group you would like to have us visit? Contact and we will put you on the schedule for 2010.…
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December Sale

Happy Holidays from the gang at SAPIEN. To celebrate the holiday season, everything at is on sale for the month of December! Prices have been reduced 25% on everything offered at So drop by our store and pick…
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Announcing SAPIEN QuickGuides!

As the core technologies we use to do our jobs evolve, becoming more sophisticated and more capable, so then do the tasks that we are expected to accomplish. As an example, with the evolution of PowerShell into V.2 you have…
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