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Expand All Aliases: Ctrl+Shift+A

Windows PowerShell aliases are very handy. They typically have fewer characters than the commands and parameters that they represent, so they’re quicker to type and great for tweeting. However, it has long been an established best practice that aliases should…
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Comment it out!

Today, I was experimenting with hash tables that had keys with multiple values. (More about that later!) But, in the course of my experimentation, I tried one technique and then another and then another. I didn’t want to delete any…
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Enhanced Input: A grand compromise

Life is full of difficult decisions and system admins are faced with them all the time. One tool has three features you like, but another has one you can’t live without. Fortunately, hidden in PowerShell Studio 2014 is delightful feature…
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Customizing the Console

Even though I’ve been writing scripts for years, I find that I work in the Console Pane in PowerShell Studio 2014 almost as much as I work in the Editor Pane. I use the Console Pane to look up commands…
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