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PrimalPad 2012 gets script signing

Thursday, August 9th, 2012 by Alex Riedel
We think that setting your execution policy to AllSigned or at least RemoteSigned in PowerShell is very important. Likewise, your security policy for VBScript, JScript and WSF file should also only allow signed scripts to be executed. PrimalScript and PowerShell Studio have always supported script signing and so does the new PowerShell Profile Editor. So we concluded that giving you PrimalPad without code signing abilities would be a bit of a double standard. The new PrimalPad 2012 build (2.1.28) supports script signing with any code signing certificate you may have in your personal store, a specific certificate or a PFX…   More »

How do I sign a Windows PowerShell script?

Thursday, February 21st, 2008 by Don Jones
First you'll need a code-signing certificate. If you purchase one, you'll be looking for a "Class III" digital certificate of the "Microsoft Authenticode" variety. This will often come in two parts: An SPC file, which is the Software Publishing Certificate, and a PVK file, which is the corresponding private key. If you use a utility like MakeCert.exe (which is included in the Windows Platform SDK), you can produce a certificate in a CER file; you'll need to use the Cert2spc.exe utility (also in the SDK) to convert that to an SPC/PVK file pair. Next you have to either install the…   More »