Status Indicators with PowerShell and PolyMonRT

In my last Mr. Roboto column, I wrote about the open source project, PolyMonRT. I recently suggested it to someone as a solution, especially because PolyMonRT supports PowerShell as a provider. My friend wanted to use the status light indicator to show when a particular service was running or not. Basically Green is good and Red is not. It tool a little fiddling on my part but I came up with the process.
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Winforms and Timers

There's been some discussion lately in the SAPIEN product forums about PrimalForms and timers. As you know, PowerShell v1.0 is essentially single-threaded. This generally means that timers and asynchronous code won't work. But you can use a simple timer in a Windows form. Here's an example of how you might use such a timer.
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