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PrimalScript 2015 build 7.1.70 adds PowerShell parameter editing and code formatting

Monday, October 19th, 2015 by Alex Riedel
With service build 7.1.70 we add some additional PowerShell functionality to PrimalScript 2015. We added a user interface to edit or add parameters for your script and we slightly modified the ribbon “Edit” group to make these new items more accessible. Aside from editing the parameters of your script we also make the PowerShell function builder / editor more accessible and added the script formatter from PowerShell Studio. However, as opposed to PowerShell Studio the script formatting in PrimalScript is purely on demand. So unless you select this function the formatting of your script will not change. A new options…   More »

Revisiting The Packager and Command Line Arguments

Thursday, October 25th, 2012 by David Corrales
The original The Packager and Command line Arguments blog article discussed how to pass parameters to a packaged executable. In this article we will revisit this subject and update the functions introduced in the previous article. The article will also cover how to simulate the packager parameters so that you can test your script without having to package it each time. This article’s example uses PowerShell Studio 2012, but it is also applicable to PrimalScript 2012. Command Line Parsing Functions: The original Convert-ArgumentsToDictionary function is no longer valid since PowerShell converts the Dictionary to an array when you return the…   More »

Scriptblocks as Cmdlet Parameter Values

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 by Don Jones
 Jeffrey Snover explains how scriptblocks can become the value for ANY cmdlet parameter.…   More »