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Because PowerShell is all about the objects, I often point out to beginners to use the Select-Object cmdlet to see all the properties of an object and their values. PS C:\> get-process powershell | select * Using Get-Member is helpful…
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Good, Better, Best

I’m very happy to see more and more people getting their hands dirty with Windows PowerShell.  A common challenge I see across different support forums is getting information from one part of a script to another. Very often the user…
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Sometimes an Apple is an Orange

I was helping a member out in the PowerShell forum at He was trying to create a multistring registry entry on a remote computer using the .NET registry classes. Creating registry values is really not that complicated. Here’s a…
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Get Local Member

I’ve been dealing with the topic of enumerating local group membership in several PowerShell forums from different people. My responses have pretty much been the same. But if these people are asking its a safe bet there are others who…
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More fun with Microsoft Word and PowerShell

I needed a demonstration for one of my last online PowerShell classes on using COM objects in PowerShell. I took an old VBScript that used Microsoft Word to get document statistics such as word and page count and transformed it…
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If you’ve been trying out the Get-Packet script you’ve seen that there is a great deal of information. I wanted an easy way to analyze the data so I put together a script called Analyze-Packet that will slice and dice…
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