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VersionRecall integration with PrimalScript and PowerShell Studio

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 by Alex Riedel
The folks over at recently published a review of VersionRecall ( There was one paragraph that took us a little bit by surprise: “Unfortunately, PowerShell Studio doesn’t seem to recognize VersionRecall as a source control provider (at least, it didn’t show up when I tried to configure source control in PowerShell Studio). That means you can’t use the integrated check-in/out controls in PowerShell Studio. Instead, you almost want to open files by using VersionRecall’s Explorer, save them in PowerShell Studio, and then submit them to the repository back in VersionRecall. That’s a shame; the automatic check-in/out in PowerShell Studio…   More »

Introducing SAPIEN’s VersionRecall 2014

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 by Alex Riedel
Version control is a necessity for most, if not all, software development teams. When you work with a large number of individuals plugging away at the same code you just need some mechanism to channel access and preserve previous known-good states. Version control systems have evolved from simple check-in/check-out systems like Microsoft’s Delta and later SourceSafe to cloud-based peer to peer systems like Subversion and Mercurial, just to name a few. They all share mechanisms intended for a team of people working on code. So quite naturally it contains lots of features and elements that are not necessary for…   More »

Back from TechEd: What’s wrong with using Notepad?

Monday, July 19th, 2010 by Alex Riedel
Some folks wandered by our booth and after realizing that some of our products involve editing scripts of various languages reacted with statements like: "I use notepad, it works fine", "Notepad is just on every machine" or "What would you do that Notepad can't do.?" Others bowed their head almost in shame while admitting that they use notepad. First of all, there is nothing wrong with using notepad if you have nothing else available, you make do with what you have. How much more of a sophisticated editor on top of just plain Notepad you need is for you to…   More »