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PrimalPad 2012 gets script signing

Thursday, August 9th, 2012 by Alex Riedel
We think that setting your execution policy to AllSigned or at least RemoteSigned in PowerShell is very important. Likewise, your security policy for VBScript, JScript and WSF file should also only allow signed scripts to be executed. PrimalScript and PowerShell Studio have always supported script signing and so does the new PowerShell Profile Editor. So we concluded that giving you PrimalPad without code signing abilities would be a bit of a double standard. The new PrimalPad 2012 build (2.1.28) supports script signing with any code signing certificate you may have in your personal store, a specific certificate or a PFX…   More »

PrimalPad gets a 2012 refresh

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 by Alex Riedel
Our “no installation required” PowerShell, VBScript and JScript editor got a 2012 face lift. Now sporting the becoming more commonplace ribbon interface, the new 2012 version is available for download from in the “Community Tools” folder Available in 32 and 64 bit it joins the previous version rather than replacing it. So if you like the previous style with menus and toolbars better, we still have it for you.…   More »

PrimalScript 2012: What’s new? (Part 7)

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 by Alex Riedel
Last time we told you about some new debugger features in PrimalScript 2012. And you already know all about the new Ribbon user interface this new version sports. One thing that we were really focused about in this version was to make navigating your code easier. Since there is no “PrimalSense” toolbar anymore the method combo box that enabled you to jump between functions needed to find a new home. If you load a file into PrimalScript 2012 you will notice the two new combo boxes on top of the edit window: The right-hand combo box serves as an indicator…   More »

PrimalScript 2012: What’s new? (Part 6)

Monday, May 7th, 2012 by Alex Riedel
VBScript users have told me on occasion that they are really jealous of one feature of PowerShell: Write-Debug Depending on the value of $DebugPreference this produces output when needed but makes it easy to silence diagnostic output once a script moves to production. VBScript and JScript developers have to sprinkle WScript.Echo calls through their code and then go and comment them out before handing the script off. In a large script with hundreds or even thousands of lines that can be a daunting and error prone task. You don't want to disable real output and not forget any diagnostic output.…   More »

Moving to 64 bit: Running VBScript files in 64 bit mode from PrimalScript 2009

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 by Alex Riedel
PrimalScript 2009 usually uses CScript.exe to run VBScript files and captures its output and directs it to the IDE's output windows. Since PrimalScript 2009 is a 32 bit application the host used is also of the 32 bit variety, residing in the System32 folder of your Windows directory. If you are working on a 64 bit operating system and you have to use 64 bit COM objects you need to be able to run your scripts in 64 bit mode. In order to do that you can simply change what specific version of CScript.exe is used by specifying the full…   More »

Back from TechEd: What’s wrong with using Notepad?

Monday, July 19th, 2010 by Alex Riedel
Some folks wandered by our booth and after realizing that some of our products involve editing scripts of various languages reacted with statements like: "I use notepad, it works fine", "Notepad is just on every machine" or "What would you do that Notepad can't do.?" Others bowed their head almost in shame while admitting that they use notepad. First of all, there is nothing wrong with using notepad if you have nothing else available, you make do with what you have. How much more of a sophisticated editor on top of just plain Notepad you need is for you to…   More »

New packaging options for PrimalScript 2009

Thursday, February 11th, 2010 by Alex Riedel
As 64 bit Windows versions become more common, you need to deploy scripts automating 64 bit software as well as maintaining 32 bit versions of the same script. PrimalScript 2009 has always included a script packager that allowed you to wrap a variety of script types into 32 bit executables. With today's service release (5.0.627) you also get the option to build 64 bit executables out of the same script. If there are any differences between your 32 and 64 bit environments you will, of course, need to adapt your script accordingly. Building a 64 bit package is as simple…   More »

Sometimes all you need is an editor

Monday, March 30th, 2009 by Alex Riedel
System Administrator are a busy lot and some of them literally run around all day fighting fires on computers no longer connected to anything. Others use remote access to tend to a large number of servers. Or both. Thanks to scripting, most repetitive tasks are taken care of. But sometimes you need to double check a script at some location or modify something you have, to fit the task at hand. Since you are on the road, literally or virtually, you don't have PrimalScript with you. Or you just are not supposed to install anything on that particular computer. That…   More »