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February PowerShell One-Liner

If you subscribe to the SAPIEN newsletter you should have seen this already. If not, why don’t you take a moment to subscribe? Create an account at and you’ll automatically be subscribed. Each month you’ll get all the latest…
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PowerShell WMI Wizard

If you are a long time PrimalScript user, you know that it has always had support and wizards for WMI.  The upcoming PrimalScript 2009 adds some new WMI features. But I like to tinker, especially with PowerShell. So I created…
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December PowerShell One-Liner

This month’s PowerShell one-liner uses WMI to query event logs on remote computers. Specifically it is searching for logs that record when the Event Log service has started. This is another way you can, determine when a computer has started.…
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November PowerShell One-liner

[This month’s SAPIEN newsletter offered this one liner I thought I’d share with the rest of you]. The following one line PowerShell expression should show you who is logged on to a specific server and desktop and for how long.…
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PowerShell: DriveUtilization

The other day I posted a VBS function for getting drive utilization. It seems only fair to give PowerShell a chance to play. 1: Function Get-Utilization { 2: Param([string]$computername=$env:computername, 3: [string]$ID="C:" 4: ) 5: 6: #suppress errors messages 7: $errorActionPreference="silentlycontinue"…
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