VBScript Includes

I've been using VBScript for a very long time. One drawback it has always had as a scripting language is an INCLUDE statement. In other languages you can use something like INCLUDE scriptfile at the beginning of the script. This would load any functions and variables in the specified script file into your current script. In PowerShell we can accomplish this by dot sourcing scripts. I never knew of a way to do the same thing with VBScript until now.
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Good, Better, Best

I'm very happy to see more and more people getting their hands dirty with Windows PowerShell. A common challenge I see across different support forums is getting information from one part of a script to another. Very often the user has created a function and is attempting to use its output elsewhere in their script. Often I can tell the scripter is coming from a VBScript background or at least thinking that way. There's nothing necessarily wrong with writing a PowerShell script in a VBScript style, but these scripts are missing out. Let me walk you through several iterations of a function to demonstrate.
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