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Out-CSV Revised

A while ago I published a short function to create CSV strings. While working on another task I came across $OFS, which is something I know about but never really think about. $OFS is an intrinsic PowerShell variable that controls…
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Sometimes it’s the little things that can make life easier. Here’s one of them. We know that PowerShell treats comma separated items as an array: PS C:\> $a=”a”,1,”b”,”jeff”,4 PS C:\> $aa1bjeff4PS C:\> But what if you want back in its…
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Get ServiceAccount Name with ADSI

One drawback to the service objects returned from Get-Service is that you can’t see what account the service is running under, often referred to as the service account. This will be something like LocalService or perhaps even a special user…
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PowerShell Tree

Of course since I’ve posted a VBScript version of the Tree command, I had to do it in PowerShell. On one hand, this would have been pretty straightforward since PowerShell can use COM objects and I could have simply reused…
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Get Network Connections

I love that part of my job is helping people out in the forums as A recent post asked about finding out what network drives were mapped on a remote computer using PowerShell. The task sounded familiar so I…
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My latest Prof. PowerShell column has a function that takes a computername as pipelined input. It then returns a custom object showing free space on drive C:\. The point of the column was to demonstrate how to make a function…
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Are you leading me on?

Recently in the VBScript forum at there was a question about creating a file name from the current date, but with leading zeros. This is a pretty common question. It is easy enough to get the month or day…
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Get TweeterTagged User

If you use Twitter and like to script, especially in PowerShell, then I think you’ll like this. A new site, has launched that allows you to tag your Twitter profile. The upshot is that this makes it easier to…
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