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Fine Tuning Set-CASMailbox

Friday, August 8th, 2008 by IlseVanCriekinge
When you use the EMS cmdlet Set-CASMailbox to configure user-based segmentation for Outlook Web Access, you may already have noticed that even though you set the value of just one property to $False, by running a simple line like Set-CASMailbox UserA -OWAChangePasswordEnabled:$False Exchange will set the value of all properties starting with OWA to $False, thereby disabling almost every feature of Outlook Web Access for that user or the users you selected to change. Exchange will enable the ability to change the password using OWA, but will disable all other features that weren't explicitly enabled or disabled prior to running the cmdlet. There are quite a few easy ways to reset or undo the changes.   More »

Why a variable called AdminSessionADSettings might interest you as Exchange 2007 Admin

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 by IlseVanCriekinge
I must admit, I love Exchange, and the first look I had on Exchange 2007, I was feeling very uneasy when faced with the Exchange Management Shell. But second thing to admit, after working with the shell for almost two years now, I love the power of this thing with the perfect name: POWERShell :-) As an Exchange administrator, it is hard not to get familiar with the Shell. And I will try to post in this blog some tips that will be useful for you as an exchange administrator, and hopefully make some powershells addicts have a look at this great messaging product Exchange is now, (and have to admit, always has been ;-))   More »

Techmentor: The San Francisco IT Treat

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008 by Jeffery Hicks
I finished up my slide decks for the first Techmentor conference of the year in San Francisco (March 30 - April 3). If you've never been to a Techmentor conference you're missing a great opportunity to hear and see your favorite IT speakers. Plus it's a lot of fun to meet your peers, swap war stories and even some strategy and tips. Here's what I have in store for you...   More »