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WMI Explorer 2014: Running Queries

WMI has a large amount of namespaces, classes and properties. While the WMI Explorer allows you to browse, search and filter all these items, it also enables you to query the underlying data for all of this. What you see…
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Out-CSV Revised

A while ago I published a short function to create CSV strings. While working on another task I came across $OFS, which is something I know about but never really think about. $OFS is an intrinsic PowerShell variable that controls…
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Sometimes it’s the little things that can make life easier. Here’s one of them. We know that PowerShell treats comma separated items as an array: PS C:\> $a=”a”,1,”b”,”jeff”,4 PS C:\> $aa1bjeff4PS C:\> But what if you want back in its…
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Management Reporting in Windows PowerShell

Ever wonder how you can use PowerShell’s native abilities to produce great-looking management reports – in CSV files, Eccel spreadsheets, HTML pages, and even charts and graphs? Well, come on down to TechMentor San Francisco where I’ll be giving a session…
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Read Remote Registry Function

Hopefully you found my last entry valuable. But I always like to take things a step further, especially when it comes to scripting and automation. So I turned my last script into a function that returns the value of a…
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