Out-CSV Revised

A while ago I published a short function to create CSV strings. While working on another task I came across $OFS, which is something I know about but never really think about. $OFS is an intrinsic PowerShell variable that controls the output field separator for arrays. You can modify this variable which made me realize there was a better way to handle my Out-CSV function. Here's the revised function.
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Sometimes it's the little things that can make life easier. Here's one of them. We know that PowerShell treats comma separated items as an array: PS C:\> $a="a",1,"b","jeff",4 PS C:\> $a a 1 b jeff 4 PS C:\> But what if you want back in its original comma delimited list? Or suppose you wanted to create a comma delimited line of all running services? Export-CSV isn't really going to help in these situations. I came up with function called Out-CSV.
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Read Remote Registry Function

Hopefully you found my last entry valuable. But I always like to take things a step further, especially when it comes to scripting and automation. So I turned my last script into a function that returns the value of a specified registry key
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