More fun with Microsoft Word and PowerShell

I needed a demonstration for one of my last online PowerShell classes on using COM objects in PowerShell. I took an old VBScript that used Microsoft Word to get document statistics such as word and page count and transformed it into PowerShell. I quickly realized I could flesh out the demo into a larger function that I can actually use. Given that I generate a lot of Word docs, being able to get some document statistics is helpful. So I created a function called Get-DocStatistic.
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Searching Word

One of the last tasks I needed to accomplish to get Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM ready for publication was to assemble all the script samples. They'll be available for download from SAPIENPress when the book is published. I knew that most of the scripts were in my primary scripts directory, but probably not all. I usually copied scripts from my test environment to my scripts directory but I knew some were bound to be missing. I didn't want to manually open 16 chapters, search for script names, check if I had the script and then move it to a new folder. I don't have time for that. But I do have time to figure out how to do it in PowerShell.
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Free FTP Component Updated

Hop over to to download the new version of our free FTP COM component, which includes commands for changing directories and other functionality. This component…
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