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More fun with Microsoft Word and PowerShell

I needed a demonstration for one of my last online PowerShell classes on using COM objects in PowerShell. I took an old VBScript that used Microsoft Word to get document statistics such as word and page count and transformed it…
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PowerShell and COM objects.

While developing a COM object for scripting use I wanted to provide a VBScript sample as well as a PowerShell sample. While creating the PowerShell sample I received an unexpected error message when setting a property value. Some quick review…
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Searching Word

One of the last tasks I needed to accomplish to get Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM ready for publication was to assemble all the script samples. They’ll be available for download from SAPIENPress when the book is published. …
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Better Sense for PowerShell

 PrimalScript 2007 build 566 (free to current PrimalScript 2007 owners – log into to download) includes significant updates to the product’s "PrimalSense" code-hinting and completion feature. For starters, you’ll now get PrimalSense for COM component ProgIDs when using the…
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Free FTP Component Updated

Hop over to to download the new version of our free FTP COM component, which includes commands for changing directories and other functionality. This component is also included in the "PrimalToys" collection that is installed with all editions of PrimalScript…
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