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PowerShell Studio: Form and Script Recovery

Monday, October 20th, 2014 by David Corrales
Once in a while our support team gets a request to recover a script from a packaged executable because the original was lost. In fact this just happened recently when a user contacted us to recover his lost form project from his packaged script. We were able to recover the script, but unfortunately the user still had to rebuild all his GUI forms from scratch. He was at least fortunate enough to be able to copy and paste the script portions of his project without having to completely rewrite it all. Please don’t find yourself in the same situation. For…   More »

A tale of two crashes

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 by Alex Riedel
One of our long time customers recently sent me an email with a desperate plea for help. The customer would like to remain anonymous, so we will just call him “Joe”. Joe asked if I would be so kind as to extract the scripts from all the packaged executables that he had created with PrimalScript and PowerShell Studio. He said he had lost all the original script files when his hard drive crashed.   When I read this email I had a certain sense of déjà vu. I distinctly remembered getting an email just like this one from Joe about…   More »

PrimalScript 2014: Introducing Restore Points

Monday, March 17th, 2014 by Alex Riedel
We have all done it. We started messing with code and changed it to the point where it just won’t work anymore. If you employ some kind of version control or backup you usually have some kind of previous version to save the day, but that really depends on how diligent you are with checking files into source control. Oh yeah, I know you wished you had made a copy of that file before you started messing with it. PrimalScript 2014 does that for you now, so stop worrying. The Backup properties now have additional settings, all turned on by…   More »

Reminder: Backup survey

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 by Alex Riedel
This is a reminder for our current survey about Backup and Version Control. Please click here to participate: 2010 Backup Survey Enter your email in the survey to win cool prizes. Your responses will help determine what features get added and what gets cut from PrimalScript 2011 and PrimalForms 2011, so don't hesitate.…   More »

Backup Survey

Friday, July 23rd, 2010 by Alex Riedel
In order to improve our products, we like to ask you from time to time how you use certain features, if you do at all. This month our survey focuses on backup and version control. Your answers will decide what features will be removed, kept or re-developed or even re-architected in the 2011 versions of our software products. So please click on the link below and take our 2010 Backup Survey As usual with our surveys, if you provide an email address you will be entered into the drawing for various prizes. Winners will be notified and published here on…   More »