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I recently had the great honor of attending my eldest son’s Ph.D. thesis defense. It was one of those mommy moments — you know, “my son the doctor.” Jackson Cahn, Ph.D. with his parents, June Blender and Andy Cahn Photo…
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February PowerShell One-Liner

If you subscribe to the SAPIEN newsletter you should have seen this already. If not, why don’t you take a moment to subscribe? Create an account at and you’ll automatically be subscribed. Each month you’ll get all the latest…
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Where do I begin?

“I’m new to scripting and need a book recommendation.” “Should I learn VBScript or PowerShell?” “What are some good books or resources for learning scripting?” These are natural and common questions. A few years ago the answers would have been…
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Your Vote and Comments count

I like seeing all the votes for our short PowerShell production poll. Over 100 responses and still overwhelmingly more of you are using PowerShell in production. If you aren’t, I hope you’ll vote and leave a comment why on the…
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PowerShell’s [DATETIME] object has some handy methods for calculating a date such as AddDays(). PS C:\> get-date Wednesday, September 03, 2008 4:11:18 PM PS C:\> (get-date).AddDays(23) Friday, September 26, 2008 4:11:34 PM PS C:\> You can even subtract by adding…
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