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Get Local Member

I’ve been dealing with the topic of enumerating local group membership in several PowerShell forums from different people. My responses have pretty much been the same. But if these people are asking its a safe bet there are others who…
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Get ServiceAccount Name with ADSI

One drawback to the service objects returned from Get-Service is that you can’t see what account the service is running under, often referred to as the service account. This will be something like LocalService or perhaps even a special user…
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Hash Table Happiness

The other day I wrote an entry about using the Dictionary object in VBScript . I alluded to how you could use a hash table in PowerShell. Let me show you how and I think you’ll also appreciate how much…
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Local Password Management Form

I’m very happy to see PrimalForms spreading in popularity and acceptance. One topic I come across is the need for more samples, and of course, I’m happy to oblige. I put together a short form script to manage local account…
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Where do I begin?

“I’m new to scripting and need a book recommendation.” “Should I learn VBScript or PowerShell?” “What are some good books or resources for learning scripting?” These are natural and common questions. A few years ago the answers would have been…
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