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I’ve been dealing with the topic of enumerating local group membership in several PowerShell forums from different people. My responses have pretty much been the same. But if these people are asking its a safe bet there are others who…
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I’ll be adding yet another writing gig to my portfolio. This time I’ll be contributing a bi-weekly blog column at The site is run by Quest Software with contributions from many members of the IT Pro and PowerShell community…
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Wayne’s World of IT Revised

I’ve blogged in the past about Wayne Martin and his outstanding list of command line tips. These are one line commands, some complex some simple, that you can use to accomplish a wide range of task.  The overall number of…
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PowerScripting Podcast Interview

I finally make the big leagues and get interviewed by Hal and Jonathon Walz. You can check it out at the PowerScripting site. I was afraid my Ironman comment would come back to haunt me 🙂 But seriously, I had…
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I am Ironman

I’m afraid a dangerous  precedent has been set last night on the PowerScripting Podcast. I had a great time with Hal and Jonathon but there was a super hero question and I’m afraid I’ve started something I won’t be able…
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