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June Blender receives Microsoft MVP Award 2015

  Microsoft Corporation presented its prestigious Most Valuable Professional (MVP) 2015 award to June Blender, Technology Evangelist at SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. for her ‘outstanding contributions to PowerShell technical communities during the past year.’  June joins an auspicious group of 80+…
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June ’09 PowerShell One-Liner

In case you don’t get the SAPIEN Newsletter, here’s my PowerShell one-liner for the month. The Get-Command cmdlet can return information not only about cmdlets but other applications and scripts that PowerShell “knows” about. This month I have a PowerShell…
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Get-Duplicates (or Unique items)

I take a lot of free online coding classes, mainly from Coursera and Udacity, and I’ve picked up a lot of programming tricks in other languages that are easy translated to Windows PowerShell. In a Java class on Udacity, I…
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Update-OneGet: Install OneGet on PS 3.0+

One of the coolest new features in the Windows PowerShell 5.0 preview is the OneGet module. Windows PowerShell program manager, Dan Harman, describes OneGet as a “package manager manager,” but for most of us, it represents a simple, repeatable, and…
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