MSI Builder adds more UI options for 2023

The information in this article applies to SAPIEN Script Packager in the 2023 versions of PowerShell Studio (5.8.214), PrimalScript (8.1.174), and later builds.

Some time ago, we added an option in the Installer for the generated MSI files to have a simple user interface. This option consists of a welcome dialog, a dialog to select an install folder, and a simple message displayed when the installer is finished. Without that option enabled, the installers only display a progress message without providing the user with any means of interacting with the installer. That works well for installers for maintenance and admin tools or services, which are generally installed quietly anyway.

As the solutions you create with PowerShell Studio become more complex, you may want to add more user visibility to your installers.

User Interface

You will now see a separate page for the User Interface selection in the Installer settings:


In the 2023 build, the initial value selected for existing installers will reflect whether or not you previously checked Use a simple UI when installing in Product Details > MSI Options.

The new User Interface options spell out what dialogs will be shown. You can easily experiment by switching between them to see what best fits your needs.


Two of the new options enable you to specify an End-User-License-Agreement (EULA):

  • Minimal, Welcome (including EULA) and Exit dialog
  • Welcome, License agreement, Install folder and Exit dialogs

Please note that the text for the EULA must be saved as RTF. Because the WiX toolset can be a bit tricky with all the additional formatting some word processors add to these files, we recommend using WordPad to edit and save your EULA. If your installer shows blank text, you most likely saved the RTF in Microsoft Word or some other word processor. To remedy this, open the file in WordPad and save it again.

Banner and Background

You can also customize the installer dialog background and top banners.



The sizes of the images must be exactly as specified:

  • 493 x 312 pixels for the background
  • 493 x 58 pixels for the banner

The image format can be BMP, JPG, or PNG. The installer uses the white spaces in the images to display user elements or text and should be left empty. Placing graphics into the white parts may interfere with text or could be covered controls.



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