Script Packaging Step-by-Step: Custom Build Commands

The last installment in our series about the SAPIEN Script Packager introduces the Custom Build Command settings.


This process is pretty straightforward. Any specified Pre-build command is executed before packaging takes place. So if you need to copy dot-sourced files in place, run a git pull, or delete files from a previous run, this is where you do that. Each command is executed in the order specified, waiting for the previous command to finish—they are not launched in parallel.

Post-build commands are executed in the same manner after script packaging has finished. Typically you would use this to sign files (if your signing process is not compatible with Windows Authenticode), publish the created application’s files to a network location, and so forth.

We generally advise you to test any command you put here in a console first. Also, do not forget to properly quote path names containing spaces.



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