Need an extra seat for your Subscription?

At SAPIEN Technologies, we know that our customers’ needs change over time. That’s why we have added a simple function to our new subscription model: Adding a Seat.

The subscription you purchased five months ago was fine with two seats; one for you and one for your officemate. But your company is growing, and now you need more! So rather than purchase a whole new activation key, we have made it possible for you to add a seat whenever you need one.

The process is simple. From your account page, click on “Manage Payment/Subscriptions” under the My Profile section on the left of the screen.

Under “Your Subscriptions”, you will see a list of your currently active subscriptions. Next, click the “Add Seat” button.

Review the message asking you to confirm that you wish to add a seat to your subscription, then click “OK”.

There will be a short wait while your subscription is updated, and a confirmation message will display when the process is complete. Click “OK”.

Your screen will refresh, and you will see the updated subscription information.

You will also receive an email confirmation that includes the prorated charge for the added seat.

Also note, when a subscription contains more than one seat, you will have the option to request the removal of a seat.

Clicking the “Remove Seat” button will open your email client with pre-filled information. Feel free to update this with additional information and send it to