WMI Explorer is now CIM Explorer!



SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce an exciting change!

The software you have known for many years as WMI Explorer, will now be known as CIM Explorer!
Along with this name change, the latest released version of CIM Explorer (2.2.90) will also support PowerShell 7.

These updates have already been made across the SAPIEN website and store.
If you own a license of WMI Explorer or our SAPIEN DevOps Suite, you will notice the name change on your SAPIEN Account.
But please do not worry! This will not effect your current license or software in any way.
The only thing changing about this software in version 2.2.90, is the name and the updated PowerShell 7 support.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

– SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.
(707) 252-8700 EXT. 111