PowerShell v2 support is coming to an end

End sign on beige sand

PowerShell v2 was released in 2008 when Windows 7 was the OS to have. It has since been superseded by versions 3, 4, 5, and 5.1 as far as Windows PowerShell is concerned.

As everyone is now looking at PowerShell 7 to eventually supplant Windows PowerShell 5.1, supporting or using v2 does not make much sense anymore.

Its main platform, Windows 7, has long been out of support, and upgrading to Windows PowerShell 5.1 has always been free. Even if you still run Windows 7 machines, you can upgrade to Windows PowerShell 5.1.

Additionally, since Windows 8, PowerShell v2 has only existed as a compatibility mode in higher PowerShell versions, as Windows PowerShell has never supported side-by-side installations of different versions.

So, we are pulling the plug on supporting v2 in one of the next service builds of PowerShell Studio and PrimalScript. We will also remove support for Windows PowerShell 3 and 4, as these versions
seem to have not been in wide use for a long time.

However, if your business needs truly depend on v2 support, please contact us so we can help you transition to a newer version or, alternatively, enable you to still use these old versions in our products, but without official support.

Start by leaving a comment on this post and tell us what you need and how we can contact you. As always, you can also post in our support forum here: https://www.sapien.com/forums/index.php