SAPIEN Manuals Released!

We are happy to announce the release of SAPIEN Product Manuals. This new collection of manuals is now available in each product as well as on the web. This post will cover the following questions:

  • Which products are covered?
  • How can I access manuals in my product?
  • How can I access manuals on the web?
PrimalScript Manual Front Page

Which products are covered?

For the initial release, PrimalScript, PowerShell Studio, PowerShell ModuleManager, PowerShell HelpWriter, VersionRecall and WMI Explorer are covered. In the near future SAPIEN will release manuals for PrimalXML and PrimalSQL.

How can I access the manual in my product?

In any of the covered SAPIEN products, launch the application. Navigate to the Help Ribbon Tab on the top navigation bar.

In the leftmost panel click the Manual Icon.

How can I access the manual on the web?

All available manuals are hosted at the SAPIEN Information Center.

In the left sidebar there is a new section titled SAPIEN Manuals.

For customers who want to bookmark a page with a full list of active manuals see