COVID-19, SAPIEN and You

At SAPIEN Technologies, we are taking the threat of COVID-19 and the health of our employees and of our customers very seriously. While the State of California and the Bay Area counties are putting in place very strict rules regarding individual movement and business operations, SAPIEN’s business continuity plan is in action.

We have always had remote workers at SAPIEN. For instance, Max Trinidad, our Technology Evangelist, lives and works from Florida. In November 2019, SAPIEN announced to its Napa, CA based staff that we were going to implement a remote work plan so that ALL employees could work from home and be 100% effective. At that time, we outfitted each employee with the technology needed for them to effectively do their jobs from any remote location.

At the beginning of December 2019 (before the CoronaVirus outbreak) two thirds of our staff began operating remotely part-time as a test of the system. Starting January 1st, 2020, these employees became full-time remote workers. By mid February, 100% of our staff was remote work capable. It is fortunate (especially with the recent shelter-in-place requirements placed on 6 Bay Area counties) that SAPIEN already had an operational remote work plan in place. It helps to keep our employees healthy and safe, and it helps to guarantee the operational continuity of our business. 

If you are a SAPIEN customer and have been designated to work remotely by your employer, you should be aware that your SAPIEN product Activation Key allows for two activations. If you have a different computer at home than the one you use at work, you can use the additional Activation Key for your SAPIEN product on your home computer. During this crisis, if you have a pressing need for an additional activation, please contact us explaining the situation and we will do everything in our power to to accommodate you. Any customer having problems with their activations should contact for help.

SAPIEN will continue to monitor this evolving situation and we will make whatever modifications are needed to protect our employees and to continue our business operations. Rest assured, we will continue to serve our customers with the same dedication and attention to detail as we always have through this medical crisis.

We wish everyone good health. 

Ferdinand Rios
SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.