We are proud to introduce a brand new SAPIEN store!

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the migration of our store to its new code base!

Why did we make this change?

Historically, we maintained several of our sites on different servers and software. To make life easier for you and us, we have slowly been merging these sites so that they all run on the same platform and server under www.sapien.com.

How is this better for me?

More secure:
We have always maintained (and will continue to do so!) PCI compliance, have always encrypted your information, and have NEVER stored your credit card information. However, our old store software required you to enter your credit card information on our site, and then it was transferred to a credit card processor.

The new store allows you to pay via a PayPal Pop-up window, or enter your payment information in an embedded form hosted directly on Braintree—thus removing the need to transfer that information between severs. We think this in itself was reason enough to switch store platforms! (You can read about Braintree’s security here and PayPal’s security here.)

Simpler access:

  • You no longer need to have two separate accounts to access the store and your registered products.
  • You now only have one SAPIEN account with access to everything you need.
  • You can go to your products page and your order history from the same account with a simple click of a button.

Easier purchasing:

Single-user and multi-user product licenses have been available for a while. When we offered them in our store, people found the process too confusing. The store required a different SKU for each potential purchase type (new license, renew, reinstate for both single and multi-user)—SIX different SKUs!

The new store allows you to designate the number of users, and even lets you choose whether you want a single license number for multiple users or separate license numbers for each user!

Renewals, reinstatements, and upgrades are enhanced with a ‘Check License’ button—ensuring that a valid number was entered that matches the product, and presenting relevant information regarding users and support!

Now when you click on a renew or reinstate link from your Account->Products page, all of the information about your license goes with you to the store—minimizing the work you need to do to get your product!

Passwords and Support:

If you previously only had a store account you will receive an email notification to update your password.

If you have been using the “Remember Me” option to log in to your SAPIEN account, it will be beneficial for you to log out of your SAPIEN account, clear any SAPIEN-related browser cookies and then log back in.

As with any conversion from one software package to another, this switch comes with the possibility of errors. If you had a store account with an email address different from the one used for your SAPIEN account, you might discover that you now have two accounts. If this is the case—or if you discover any other issues with your merged account—please contact us at websupport@sapien.com, and we will get it straightened out ASAP.