SAPIEN Technologies presented at SQL Saturday South Florida

Year after year this event keeps providing relevant content on technologies that involve SQL Server and anything that handles big data.

The event was a success with approximately 1000 registered attendees.

I would like to thank the organizer for having me speak at this event representing SAPIEN Technologies.

I talked about “PowerShell Fundamental – How To Persist Data in a SQL Server Container” and I also showcased the upcoming changes to our PrimalScript Editor that I used during my presentation.

There’s nothing like using a product that makes you successful in your workplace!

Event and User Group Sponsorship

SAPIEN Technologies is proud to support the PowerShell Community. Feel free to reach out and contact us for event and user group sponsorship by sending an email to

Max Trinidad is a Technology Evangelist at SAPIEN Technologies Inc., and a Microsoft PowerShell MVP. You can reach him at