SAPIEN Technologies at the Microsoft MVP Summit 2019

Every year Microsoft organizes the MVP Summit event in Redmond, WA. MVPs from around the world are invited to interact with Microsoft product teams during a full week of technical sessions.

This annual event provides the opportunity to collaborate with other MVPs on new and upcoming changes with Microsoft technologies.


This year the weather in Redmond was beautiful; warm and sunny with clear blue skies.


It was great to see many of my PowerShell, SQL Server, and other MVP friends. It was also nice to see Jeffrey Snover and the PowerShell Team—including Joey Aiello, Tyler Leonard, Steve Lee, and many others—as well as others no longer with Microsoft such as James Brundage and Bruce Payette.

Dinner with PowerShell MVPs: Bruce and James.

I was pleased with all of the session content and had the opportunity to learn new things.

MVPs pulling together for a special session “AutoRest PowerShell Cmdlet Generator” by Garret Serack (not NDA)

PowerShell is clearly not slowing down as evidenced by the strength of its use in many Microsoft products, and also by its crossover to many Linux distributions and MacOS.

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Event and User Group Sponsorship

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Max Trinidad is a Technology Evangelist at SAPIEN Technologies Inc., and a Microsoft PowerShell MVP. You can reach him at