SAPIEN Technologies at the South Florida Code Camp 2019

SAPIEN Technologies is a proud sponsor of the South Florida Code Camp 2019 event organized by the Florida .NET User Groups: Dave Noderer, Scott Katarincic, Rachel Terman, and many others.

From left-to-right: The legendary Russ Fustino, Me (Max Trinidad), and Dave Noderer.

On Friday, March 1, we sponsored the speaker party. It was nice to see everyone and welcome all of the speakers having a good time at “Ye Olde Falcon Pub“:



Left-to-right: Me (Max Trinidad), Russ Fustino, Alex Funkhouser, and Pierre Donyegro.

On the day of the event, Saturday, March 2, we talked with attendees about SAPIEN Technologies’ products:


The event hosted 1315 attendees with 75 speakers covering a broad range of technologies:


Congratulations to Byron Bank (right) who won a one-year license subscription to PowerShell Studio 2019:

You can connect with the FlaDotNet User Groups via their MeetUp group and website.

Event and User Group Sponsorship

SAPIEN Technologies is proud to support the PowerShell Community. Feel free to reach out and contact us for both events and user group sponsorship information by sending an email to


Max Trinidad is a Technology Evangelist at SAPIEN Technologies Inc., and a Microsoft PowerShell MVP. You can reach him at