PowerShell Studio 2019: Service Release v5.6.160

We released a new service build of PowerShell Studio 2019 (v5.6.160). This service build is included as part of the regular update cycle for our subscribers.


New Features

This service release introduces profile management, notifications, and more.


Profile Management

You now have more control over your service installer’s behavior.

Ribbon->Tools->PowerShell Profiles

Tools - PowerShell Profiles


Open All
Opens all the existing profiles in the editor.

Allows you to edit, enable, disable, create and remove individual profiles. See the Manage Profiles Dialog section below.

Enable All
Enables all disabled profiles.

Disable All
Disables all the profiles. Disabled profiles will not be loaded into the PowerShell session, and disabling all profiles will not affect any active instances of PowerShell.

Backup All
Creates a backup of all the profiles.

Restore All
Restores all the profiles that have a backup copy.


Manage Profiles Dialog

This dialog allows you to manage individual profiles (including PowerShell Core profiles).

Manage Profiles


Uses the default profile template (see below) to create the missing profile.

Opens the selected profile in the editor.

Deletes the selected profile. The deleted profile is moved to the Recycle bin.

Displays the status of the module:

Enabled – The profile exists.
Disabled –The profile exists, but is disabled.
Missing – The profile does not exist.

This check box allows you to quickly enable or disable the existing profile.


Profile Template

You can create a profile by selecting the new profile template:

PowerShell Profile Template


When you select the profile template, you will be prompted to specify the profile location:

Select Profile to Create


The dialog will list all the locations with missing profiles. Select a profile to create the file at the specified location.
Choose the (Custom Location) option to create an unsaved ps1 profile.


Tip Create your own profile ps1 template by adding the “profile” tag. This will trigger PowerShell Studio to display the Select Profile to Create dialog whenever the template is selected.




We added a new notification icon to PowerShell Studio:

Notifications Icon

PowerShell Studio will now display a notification when there is a software update available, or when your subscription is about to expire. Access the notifications, by clicking the notification flag icon. You will be presented with a notifications dialog:

Notifications Dialog


Click the notification to open the SAPIEN Updates tool or visit the relevant website.

Press the X button to dismiss individual notifications, or use the Dismiss All button. Dismissed notifications will not be shown again.


Feedback Menu

We added a new feedback menu to the ribbon:

Feedback Menu


Report a Problem…
This option opens the product-specific forum where you can report a problem with the software or ask product-specific questions.

Provide a Suggestion…
This option opens the Feature Request page on the SAPIEN website. Use this option to file a feature request.


WebBrowser Control – New Helper Function

We added a new helper function Set-WebBrowserEmulation which is automatically inserted when you add a WebBrowser control in the designer. This function will set the Internet Explorer emulation mode for the running executable. This allows the WebBrowser control to support newer html features and improves compatibility with modern websites.


Tip We also included a new snippet for the function (shortcut: setWebBrowserEmulation).


New Theme – Office 2019 Colorful

We added a new theme to PowerShell Studio:

Ribbon Theme Menu


Office 2019 Colorful:

Office 2019 Colorful Theme


Formatting – Option Renamed

We renamed the Convert curly quotes option to Convert blog characters in Options->Formatting:

Convert Blog Characters


In addition to replacing curly quotes, the option will replace extended dashes with en dashes when formatting code.


Curly Quotes and Extended Dashes


Converted Quotes and Dashes



Please continue providing your feedback. Many of the new features included in the service builds are suggestions from users like you. Submit your suggestions or feature requests on the Wish List and Feature Requests forum or the new Feature Requests page.

You can view the complete service build log here.