ScriptMerge 2019 adds Script Signing

Digital signatures are an important part of running administrative scripts. They ensure the integrity of tasks you run on a regular basis at the highest permission level on your machine or in your network. They also prevent someone from slipping malicious code into your script without you noticing, because any change to the script will invalidate an existing digital signature.


This makes editing and changing scripts a little more cumbersome, but luckily most script editors now support automatic signing.

But what if you only want to merge changes from one version of a script to another? Previously you would use ScriptMerge or any other merge tool to merge your files and then load the result into an editor with script signing capability or sign the script from a command line.

Not anymore! ScriptMerge 2019 enables you to handle digital signatures in your files. You can re-sign them or remove invalid signatures from the ribbon:


You can also configure ScriptMerge 2019 to sign your scripts when saving, just as you can in PowerShell Studio or PrimalScript.


This is small change, and we hope you find it to be a useful addition.

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