PowerShell ModuleManager 2019: Released!

SAPIEN Technologies, Inc is proud to announce the release of PowerShell ModuleManager 2019—the premier management tool for PowerShell modules. PowerShell ModuleManager makes it easy to search and manage modules installed on your machine, ensuring that your modules are always up-to-date.

Find yourself in module version hell? PowerShell ModuleManager prevents version confusion by removing outdated module versions and duplicates.

PowerShell ModuleManager 2019

PowerShell ModuleManager 2019 allows you to:

  • Search and install new modules from the PowerShell Gallery or any other repository.
  • Filter and find specific modules on your machine.
  • View detailed module information at a glance.
  • See the modules that have updates.
  • Remove unwanted modules.
  • Move modules to a different folder.
  • Update modules.
  • Temporarily disable modules or specific versions for testing.

PowerShell ModuleManager 2019 is available from SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. for an introductory price of only $29.

For more information and a free trial, see PowerShell ModuleManager.

New Features and Improvements

The PowerShell ModuleManager 2019 release includes performance improvements and new features based on feedback received from our free preview that was released earlier this year.

Update All

We added the ability to update all modules on your local machine with the click of a button:

Cached Module Information

Module information is cached from the current session to load into the next session, allowing the application to load faster:

Uninstalling Older Versions

Remove old versions from your machine! When a module updates, the version is installed, but the previous versions remain. Declutter your modules by letting PowerShell ModuleManager remove those unwanted modules for you.

Uninstall Older Versions keeps only the latest version installed:

Update, Remove Old will update a module and remove the previous version:

Clean Up goes through all modules and uninstalls all modules with multiple versions, keeping only the latest:

Move Installation Scope

The Installation Scope specifies where modules will be installed when updating or installing.

  • Current User: Modules will be installed in a location that is only available to the current user:  $home\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules
  • All Users: Modules will be installed in a location accessible to all users: %systemdrive%:\ProgramFiles\WindowsPowerShell\Module

Move Installation Scope allows you to toggle between the two scopes:


Open Root Module will open a file that is listed as the ‘Root Module’ in the psd1 file of the module:

Open Containing Folder will open the folder the module is install at:

Publisher Check and Clobber

When installing a module, PowerShell checks existing modules for potential conflicts.

When updating a module, Skip Publisher Check allows you to install a new version even when the signatures do not match:

Use Allow Clobber to force the installation of a module, even when another module contains an identical command:

Take control of your modules—get PowerShell ModuleManager today!


Community feedback is valuable because it helps us improve and create tools that you need. Many of the new features included in the service builds are suggestions from users like you. Submit your suggestions or feature requests on the Wish List and Feature Requests forum or the new Feature Requests page.