SAPIEN Technologies on Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core

SAPIEN Technologie’s PrimalScript™ and PowerShell Studio™ products have always supported Windows PowerShell. With the Generally Available (GA) release of the open source PowerShell Core, we began the integration and support of this new technology into our products.

The chart below shows the differences between the Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core products:

We use this as our guide to support both technologies.

Unique Editor

The editors in our SAPIEN products stand on their own and do not follow the same model of other editors. It is not practical to compare a lightweight editor with a rapid application development editor, and we are not suggesting to stop using other editors—they all have their unique purpose and can complement each other in many ways.

We are continuing to integrate PowerShell Core in our PrimalScript and PowerShell Studio editors—two powerful tools developed to help you be more productive.

We will continue to update and improve these tools as PowerShell Core evolves.

What about Window PowerShell?

Microsoft has stated that Windows PowerShell is “complete”—this does not mean that it is obsolete, nor will it be deprecated anytime soon. Microsoft has invested a lot in this technology, and it is not being relegated to the trash bin.

Another chapter has opened for PowerShell—all future efforts and improvements will be towards PowerShell Core. There are no plans for another version of Windows PowerShell, as there will be “no feature development.”

Check out Jeffreys Snover’s video “State of the Art” about the state of Windows PowerShell.

There will be Windows PowerShell security fixes and customer “blocking” bug fixes only. Report any Windows PowerShell issues in the Windows PowerShell UserVoice forum, and report PowerShell Core issues on Github.

The last version of Windows PowerShell is 5.1.


As PowerShell Core keeps evolving our development team will make the necessary changes to our products, and we will also continue to support Windows PowerShell.

Most importantly we value your suggestions and feedback, which help our products be the best in this industry.



As always, if you have any ideas, comments, or feedback, please visit our feedback forum and reference this post.


Max Trinidad is a Technology Evangelist at SAPIEN Technologies Inc., and a Microsoft PowerShell MVP. You can reach him at