PrimalScript and PowerShell Studio featuring Axialis icons

Not too long ago we added a collection of icons to PrimalScript and PowerShell Studio to give you some more options for your packaged executable files: Stock Icons for your Script Packages

We are very pleased to announce that we now include a good number of high quality and modern looking icons made by Axialis with our products.

The original batch of icons is still there, now in the “Classic Icons” folder:


The icons we include here are a very small subset of the immense collection Axialis offers, so please head on over to their web site and check them out.

Additionally, PrimalScript will now recognize and link to Axialis’ IconWorkShop and IconGenerator products. If you are interested in giving your user interfaces a modern and updated look, make sure to check out these products and their icon collections.


As always, if you have any ideas, comments, or feedback, please visit our feedback forum and reference this post.