PowerShell Training in the Beautiful Napa Valley

Would you be interested in spending five days at our facilities in the Napa Valley, to learn PowerShell?  We here at SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. are considering offering PowerShell Training on-site in Napa, CA, in our conference room.  The training will be offered for up to 20 individuals, with a small registration fee.  All travel, transportation, hotel, and food (outside of lunch) will be the responsibility of the attendee.

Before we dive in and put this event together, we want YOUR feedback.  Would you come?  Current modules available in the training content, delivered by none other than Jason Yoder, are:

  • What is Windows PowerShell?
    • Discover the different features of PowerShell and PowerShell versions on various operating systems, to help individuals understand what they can do with PowerShell in their respective environments.
  • Making Mistakes and Getting Help
    • PowerShell is built for automation; however, mistakes happen. This lesson focuses on making mistakes, preventing them, and recovering quickly.
  • The PowerShell Pipeline
    • Learn how the Pipeline works by first learning about a concept called objects. Then, utilize the PowerShell Pipeline to quickly achieve goals.
  • Hunting for Viruses with PowerShell Providers
    • Using a real-world example of a virus infection, we will utilize common skills and knowledge to hunt down a virus using PowerShell Providers.
  • Common Information Model (CIM)
    • Learn how to pull detailed information from all of your nodes, that is not available in the PowerShell cmdlets.
  • PowerShell Remoting
    • Look at how to utilize PowerShell remoting to effectively execute commands on hundreds of nodes at the same time. Security and Just Enough Administration will be looked at as well.
  • Multitasking
    • Look at PowerShell’s ability to perform many tasks on many different nodes at the same time, with background and schedule jobs. This will allow IT Professionals to execute the same code, at the same time, on multiple nodules.
  • Handling Data
    • Study a variety of ways to store both simple and complex data. From there, learn how to build your own customized data.
  • Writing PowerShell Scripts and Commands
    • A hands-on exercise with the instructor, which will take you through the basics of script development. Build a PowerShell cmdlet and a fully auto loading PowerShell module as well.
  • Making Your Life Easier
    • Look into developing code to quantify your time savings with PowerShell and introduce SAPIEN PowerShell Studio. Be introduced to some of the advanced features of PowerShell Studio to help in your coding and build a graphical front end for your PowerShell code.
  • Desired State Configuration
    • Explore the world of Desired State Configuration and ways to apply it to configure our nodes.


Do you see what you are looking for in the above modules?  If not, what would you like to see?  Are you interested in SAPIEN product-specific training?  If so, what products do you want to learn about?

Your feedback is GREATLY appreciated!  Please send us an e-mail to sales@sapien.com, or leave a comment below.  We hope this opportunity is of interest to our community, and we look forward to putting this event together in the near future.



Your SAPIEN team.