SAPIEN Technologies Online at Chattanooga PowerShell User Group

I would like to extend a big “Thank You” to James Petty for the invitation to present online at the @ChattPSUG Tennessee MeetUp group on April 5th, where I had the pleasure to talk about What’s Cooking with PowerShell Core.

This was a fresh new session just out of the oven showcasing different flavors of working with PowerShell Core: Windows 10 and WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). Windows 10 has become a suitable client to continue cross-platform application and automation development. Welcome to the new world of DevOps!

I also showcased some of the interesting PowerShell Studio product features that can provide help for your scripting, such as:

  • Template Wizards
  • Script File Grouping
  • Custom Tools
  • Cache Editor
  • Object Browser
  • Script Debugging
  • *New* Console setup option – Extending use of Windows Console (*PSCore6)

I had fun showing one of my Proof-Of-Concepts—a Custom Form Wizard Template I’ve been developing to enhance support for PowerShell Core on a SAPIEN Windows Form.

I enjoyed speaking and was able to record the presentation which can be viewed on our SAPIEN YouTube channel.

For anyone in the Tennessee area interested in learning about PowerShell, feel free to contact their @ChattPSUG MeetUp group:

Event and User Group Sponsorship

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Max Trinidad is a Technology Evangelist at SAPIEN Technologies Inc., and a Microsoft PowerShell MVP. You can reach him at