SAPIEN Technologies on PowerShell Core

SAPIEN Technologies strives to bring the best products to all levels of IT administration. The announcement of PowerShell Core, which is not a finished product yet, causes a lot of confusion. It is our policy that we can’t support products that haven’t been released-to-manufacturers (RTM).  But this particular product, which is Open Source, is steadily taking shape thanks to both the Microsoft PowerShell Team and the contributions of the PowerShell community, so it deserves some attention.

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The State of PowerShell Core

Just to be clear! PowerShell Core will not be replacing Windows PowerShell, as it’s meant to provide .NET scripting automation to non-Windows Systems.  This is a good thing, as many Administrators managing Multi-OS systems can use the time invested in learning PowerShell to work across multiple platforms.

In order to understand what’s going on with PowerShell Core, check out these two Microsoft PowerShell Team Blog posts:


Reporting Windows PowerShell vs. PowerShell Core Issues

There is a big difference – Windows PowerShell is not Open Source. It’s a Microsoft product and it will remain closed source and be maintained by them.  Any feedback and bug issues need to be submitted through the UserVoice PowerShell link at:

On the other hand, PowerShell Core, is Open Source and handled by both Microsoft and the community.  Any feedback and bug issues need to be reported at the PowerShell Github link at:

There is a lot of information flowing through PowerShell GitHub as each issue gets discussed and resolved.  Don’t be afraid to take a look at it! There are very interesting discussions and exchange of ideas.

But most importantly, they are meant to coexist side by side!



How to test-drive PowerShell Core?

There are plans to integrate PowerShell Core in our SAPIEN Products, but for now you can use PrimalScript. It’s a manual setup, as PowerShell Core needs to be added in the “Command Windows” section. Also, take the time to add Ubuntu shell (RTM) from the Microsoft Store. It’s only available on the Windows 10 September 2017 RTM release Build 16299.


For more information on how to setup PowerShell Core in PrimalScript, click on the following post:

Our products keep evolving. Watch for PowerShell Core integration coming soon!