Updated Online PowerShell Reference

We’ve just updated our online PowerShell Reference by adding two new sections, 1,706 cmdlets (bringing the total to 5,187!), and some minor enhancements to the cmdlets section. PowerShell Reference contains help for Windows PowerShell and PowerShell modules. This tool allows you to search through Cmdlet Help, About Help, Provider Help, Aliases and Modules with just a click of your mouse.


We’ve added an Aliases section that contains 369 aliases associated with the cmdlets in our database. This page displays the name of the cmdlet, the module that contains it and the associated MAML help file.



We’ve also added a Modules section that contains the 163 modules currently in our database. This page lists the version number of the module, all the cmdlets and about-help files associated with the given module, the synopsis of each cmdlet (when available) and a link to the cmdlet page itself.


Cmdlets Page

The cmdlets page now displays the name of the cmdlet’s module and version, as well as any aliases that are contained in our database. A click on the cmdlet’s module will take you to the module page where you will see the list of all cmdlets in that module.

About PowerShell Reference

This library includes the data from Microsoft’s PowerShell documentation as well as many of the modules found in the PowerShell Gallery. If you’ve written a module for the gallery, and your module includes valid XML help files, it might appear in PowerShell Reference, too. (If you need help writing help, be sure to check out PowerShell HelpWriter!)

We run an updater once a quarter unless more frequency is needed, so check back often for added modules!