PowerShell Studio 2017: Service Release v5.4.141

Today we released a new service build of PowerShell Studio 2017 (v5.4.141). In this build we added a number of new features, including several user requested features.


New Features

Performance Improvements

This service build reduces the application’s memory footprint and improves the start up time.

Go to Panel Keyboard Shortcuts

There are new chorded keyboard shortcuts that give focus to any given panel.

Call Stack Ctrl + Alt + P, K
Console Ctrl + Alt + P, C
Debug Output Ctrl + Alt + P, D
Debug Console Ctrl + Alt + P, G
Find Results Ctrl + Alt + P, R
Function Explorer Ctrl + Alt + P, F
Help Ctrl + Alt + P, H
Object Browser Ctrl + Alt + P, B
Output Ctrl + Alt + P, O
Performance Ctrl + Alt + P, M
Project Ctrl + Alt + P, J
Properties Ctrl + Alt + P, P
Snippet Ctrl + Alt + P, S
Toolbox Ctrl + Alt + P, T
Variables Ctrl + Alt + P, V
Watch Ctrl + Alt + P, W

To use, press [Ctrl + Alt + P], release, then press the corresponding character key of the chord.

Reference Assembly Comments

We added the option to reference assembles via comments, for PrimalSense and syntax coloring purposes, without having to use the Add-Type cmdlet or the Assemblies dialog.


# %Reference% = (AssemblyName|AssemblyPath)

If an assembly is located in the Global Assembly Cache, you can reference it by name.

# %Reference% = System.Drawing

Or you can reference the assembly by file path.

# %Reference% = C:\Program Files\MyAssemblies\MyAssembly.dll

Unknown Type

Reference Comment

Note:  The reference comment does not have any bearing on the execution of the script.


Enclose in Sub-Express Command

Now you enclose a selection in a sub-expression $() by pressing [Ctrl + Shift + Alt + 9].

Wrap Command

User Folder for Custom PrimalSense Triggers

You can now store your own custom PrimalSense triggers in a user specific folder:

C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Roaming\PowerShell Studio 2017\CustomSense\

These user triggers will take precedence over the pre-installed triggers.


For more details on Custom PrimalSense Triggers, refer to the following article:



This service build also adds a new Custom PrimalSense Trigger for the Encoding parameter:

Encoding PrimalSense


Status Bar Process Tracking

Whenever a process / task is running, such as refreshing the local cache or running a script, it now appears in the status bar:

Status Bar - Process Tracking

You can use the status bar to cancel a particular task or running script by clicking on the task icon and selecting the Stop command:

Stop Process


Update Changed Files Automatically

We added a new option, Update changed files automatically. When enabled, PowerShell Studio will automatically reload files that are modified externally.

Options - Update changed files

Note: PowerShell Studio will still prompt if the file has any unsaved changes.


Auto-Elevate Scripts

When PowerShell Studio encounters a #Requires –RunAsAdministrator comment, it will automatically elevate the script whenever it is executed.


Open PowerShell File Tab Commands

We added new commands to the file tab context menu:

File Tab Context Menu - Shell Commands

These commands will open a Windows PowerShell console, set to the directory of the selected file.


Font and Color Dialog – Reset to Automatic Color

We added a reset button to the Item background color option of the Editor Font and Color Dialog:

Editor Font and Color Reset

The new button will reset the color to (Automatic), which uses the editor’s current background color to render the item.


Unhandled Exception Logging

If the application encounters an unhandled exception, it will now log the exception information into the following log:

C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\SAPIEN\PowerShell Studio 2017\ErrorLog.txt

Use this log to report any errors on our PowerShell Studio product support forum:



Previous Service Release Features

In the last service release (5.4.140) we introduced the following new features.


HashTable Formatting

In the previous service release, we added a new formatting option, Align HashTable Equal Operators.

Options - Formating - Align HashTable


In this service release, we modified the formatting rules so that it will only equalize spacing for the first key value pair on any given line.

HashTable Format

Splatting Keyboard Shortcut

You can use the [Ctrl + Alt + S] keyboard short to trigger the Splat Command:

Splat Command


PS1XML Editing

And finally, the last service release added support for ps1xml files.

View ps1xml



Please continue providing your feedback. Many of the new features included in the service builds are suggestions from users like you. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or feature requests, please share them with us on our Wish List and Feature Requests forum.