Designing GUIs for High DPI Displays

I posted a new article on how to design a GUI for high DPI displays on our SAPIEN Information Center:



Designing GUIs for High DPI Displays

In this article, I will cover techniques on how to make your PowerShell GUI compatible with high DPI (Dots per inch) displays. The article will also cover a few caveats to be aware of.

To get a better understanding of what different DPI settings mean, let’s look at standard screen resolutions. A typical 1080p screen will a have 96 DPI (Font scale: 100%). Higher resolution monitors, such as 4K monitors can have a DPI of 192 or higher (Font scale: >=200%).

DPI is determined by the font scale of the OS. If you would try to maintain a DPI of 96 on a 4K monitor, everything will appear to be tiny. Increasing the font scale, will decrease the DPI, which in turn will make icons and text appear larger and easier to see.